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 VICKO began its course in the area of household and decorative items in 1978. After a continuous effort and following a constantly ascending coures,VICKO is now well recognized in its branch. Today, VICKO is the only greek company that designs and modifies its products based on the needs of the modern house and offers them through a well organised network of VICKO exclusive shops to the consumers of the of the greek as well as the european market.



VICKO's network numbers today 50 shops in Greece and 33 in various countries (Skopje, Serbia, Bulgaria e.t.c.). In the VICKO shops, the consumer can find all the collection of our products in a pleasant environment. Besides the VICKO shops, the consumer can also find our products in other carefully selected shops that bear the special VICKOsign. This way, he can be sure that he will find through our network, what ever fits his personal needs and preferences.




VICKO hears through its network, the market and the consumer needs in a daily basis. Based on your views and opinions, we design and modify our items. The VICKO name which is placed on all our products is for you, a guarantee of quality and taste.

VICKO products can be changed in every VICKO shop or affiliate in the whole of Greece.



No company can move on and develop without capable executives and associates. So, thanks to its people who stand by its side for many years,VICKO can rest assured that it stands firmly on its feet. Our executives' experience, from sales to market research is a key elements that distinguishes us from competition.VICKO's associates are hard working and prove, in a daily basis, their ability to customer service.